Long Island’s heavy metal band Toxic Shock was formed in 1986 by three kids from Long Island, Ray Bell, Wayne Rosario, and James Maloney. Like many a suburban New York teens, they were getting into trouble and wasting time. Intelligent, charismatic and gifted, they looked to music for a way out. They found it in the raw sound and power of heavy metal.

After a few weeks of casually jamming together, Wayne, Ray and James met guitarist Bruce Ryder in a mall arcade. With Wayne on drums, Ray on vocals and James on bass, they had their band. Within two weeks, they were writing and recording songs. The more they worked, the heavier their sound. Influenced by the visual impact of Iron Maiden, and Anthrax’s slick and ironic lyricism, as well as a steady stream of cheap beer and whiskey, they christened the band Toxic Shock.


Toxic Shock will be performing at Wrecking Ball Metal Fest 2015.... Miley's vagina will never be the same! www.facebook.com/events/670495843077374/